Founded in 2012, R&Co. is a contemporary design studio based in New York and London. They are best known for their minimalist and reductionist style, and often utilise a lot of white space and grid-based architecture.

What attracts me?

Grid-based architecture


Being creative and unrestrained doesn’t mean that you have to ignore style conventions. Having grid-based architecture is believed to create order out of chaos. Although the architecture of the website is based on grid, it doesn’t mean that the layout is dull either. R&Co. has adjusted each frame into different sizes to add a bit of variety to the look.

White Spaces


The colour scheme of the website is white, and light and dark grey. White spaces are wisely used throughout the website and creates an unclutter visual. This contrast separates the menus and footer bars from the body content. R&Co. has even taken photography style into consideration as well. They make sure the images all have a plain background in order to blend seamlessly into the website style. White spaces are also applied in the text as they have added more white spaces between the lines and adjust the kerning for better readability.

Portfolio Page = Landing Page?

R&Co. has set their work page as the landing page, to take the user to the content straight away. This choice is made so that their work can speak for itself.