Studio 923a is a French graphic design studio started in 2011 that specialises in enterprise branding, print medias, and web design. They enjoy the process of meeting new clients and challenging themselves with new tasks. The relationship they maintain with the customer is highly valued.

What attracts me?

Fixed Title

A fixed title of the page will always be displayed on the top left-hand side of the window. This helps the users to know what section they are currently looking at, and helps in terms of the navigation principles. A slightly transparent effect was applied so that it wouldn’t disturb to the users while viewing the page.

Page Transition


When the users click on a new page link, a loading icon will float in. The colour of the icon will change and a small animation of the logo will be shown while waiting. After loading the page, the content will then fade (or pop) in gently. With all the CSS and jQuery/JavaScript coding, it creates a smooth and seamless transition between pages.

Parallax Scrolling


When the users scroll down, the images and its text moves at different speeds to create a sensation of depth. The effect makes the website playful, and could engage more with the audience.