It has been a long journey since building this theme up. You can easily build a wordpress theme within a short amount of time, but to make it more advance and complete, it really does take patient and time. Starting from the first week, I’ve always thought “yea, I think my website is 80% complete, it’s almost done.” But yea, sweet dreams. The more I’ve coded, the more I’ve found how much more I can do with wordpress. Starting from high-level – landing page, folio page, blog post, to low-level details such as archive page (date archive page), tags page, etc.

Future Plan?

As I’ve mentioned, it seems to always have lots of room for improvement on what we’ve done so far. Due to the limited timeframe, there are a few more points that I wished I could accomplish. Such as:

I’m really glad that I took the unit as my last one for my study, I’ve learnt a lot from all the tutorials, tutor and peers. Although the it’s a tough race (with the limited timeframe), I enjoyed the process of the run.