Before knowing plugins even exist, I ever knew how amazing and time saving it can be. I the kind of person that enjoy to start things from the scratch, as much as I hate to admit, I love my plugins (big thanks to all those developers)!

I’m a starter in web design, although I have some experience in programming (because I my study), I’m not really comfortable with Javascript and jQuery. So instead of me struggling, along in my cave, on coding all those fancy Javascript effects from scratch, there’s a lot of plugins out there available for me to download. It is definitely timing saving.

I’m not sure if you all could tell or not, but I’ve implemented at least 5 different plugins in my theme. I’ve spend a lot of time figuring out the code and made some adjustment in order to flow seamlessly with my exist theme style.It is a fact that there will be limitation while using plugin as the code isn’t tailored toward our own theme, still many plugin provide some extend of customisation for the users. More over, you could still hard code custom style sheet of the plugin, if that’s the worst case.